A set of examples of the use of BASIL (for pcASL), which is similar to those above, is also available as part of the primer:

Introduction to Perfusion Quantification using Arterial Spin Labelling, Oxford Neuroimaging Primers, Chappell, MacIntosh & Okell, Oxford University Press, 2017.

The examples themselves are freely available online at the primer website: neuorimagingprimers.org, you can access the ASL examples directly here.


Preparatory materials

If you are new to Neuroimaging or to FSL tools you might find the following resources helpful before looking at the material on ASL.

If you are not particularly familar with MRI you might like to read a Short Introduction to MRI Physics for Neuroimaging available via the neuroimagingprimers.org website.

If you are new to FSL we recommend these three short introductory FSL practicals on: